Rehab centers accepting ANTHEM

Number of treatment centers in America accepting ANTHEM


Insurance companies like Anthem are required to offer a non-specific degree of mental health or substance abuse care. While some insurance companies offer very limited inpatient and outpatient services, Anthem has its own policies when it comes to substance abuse coverage.

Does Anthem cover drug rehab coverage or alcoholism?

Anthem covers behavioral health issues like drug addiction and alcoholism for covered individuals to avail of timely, cost-effective and appropriate treatment. Anthem has an extensive provider network of mental health assistance (i.e. psychologists, psychiatrist, social workers, employee assistants, etc.) and facility network (i.e. hospitals, residential treatment facility, intensive outpatient, and more)

What length of stay will Anthem pay for treatment?

It depends on medical necessity, level of care, intensity of service, severity of illness, continued stay criteria and the terms and conditions of your behavioral health coverage.  You must also meet certain requirements set by Anthem for each type of service or program you avail of.

Does Anthem offer specialized alcohol and drug treatment coverage?

Yes. Anthem Behavioral Health covers the following services/programs for covered and qualified individuals:

  • Acute Inpatient Hospitalization
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Residential Treatment/Detoxification

Insurance options - Inpatient addiction treatment vs. outpatient - which is better?

Inpatient addiction treatment provides intensive treatment. It usually includes medically supervised detoxification, 24/7 medical monitoring, drug test, daily therapy sessions, stress management and relapse prevention classes. 

Outpatient involves less intensive care. You only have to go to the treatment facility for your scheduled therapy/treatment. You can stay at home, keep your job and go about with your daily tasks. However, there are long-term outpatient rehab patients such as heroin addicts who need to visit methadone clinics for some time.

Inpatient rehabs often work for long term drug users and alcoholics and even for short-term users who need intensive care or to avoid relapse. Sometimes, patients go into inpatient treatment and then the outpatient to have a smoother transition to sober life.

How do I pay for what insurance won't cover?

There are different ways to pay for what Anthem won’t cover. You can apply for subsidized treatment, scholarships, financing, Medicare, Medicaid, and other available health plan and payment options offered by the facility (i.e. treatment now and pay later).

How do I confirm I have Anthem coverage for treatment?

Check the plan description of your Anthem policy for what it covers covered and what it doesn’t.  If you still have questions call Anthem’s customer service or insurance representative.  If your insurance is thru your employer, talk to the HR about your coverage