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Addiction treatment in New Haven, Connecticut - Page 1 - 23 results

  • Turnbridge
    • New Haven CT 06510
    • Tel : (877) 581-1793
    • Per Month : $5,001 - $10,000
    Turnbridge has spent the last 12 years forging its reputation as a national leader in addiction treatment for young men and young women suffering from addiction and co-occuring disorders.  While in treatment, Turnbridge clients resume the pursuit of age-appropriate developmental milestones, re-launching on their journey toward autonomy and self-sufficiency.  Our clients are afforded the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning through Turning Point’s linkages with academic institutions, vocational placements, and enriching volunteer opportunities.   Our 1:1 direct care staff-to-client ratio provides the safety, structure, and support needed to facilitate these key opportunities for growth. For more information on our program please visit or simply call  877-581-1793.
  • The Mansion Sober Living For Women
    The Mansion Sober House in New Haven Connecticut, formerly Spiritual Gardens, helps women discover the underlying causes of their addiction and to develop new coping strategies, interpersonal skills and self-esteem using the principals of the 12-step program of recovery. Each day is structured around 12-step meetings, group therapy, exercise and fellowship both in the mansion and in the surrounding community.
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