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Desomorphine (Krokodil) is an opiate-derivative of the drug morphine.....
What is krokodil?

Desomorphine (Krokodil) is an opiate-derivative of the drug morphine. Producers simply synthesize the drug from codeine. The process used to manufacture “krokodil” is analogous to the production of pseudoephedrine and methamphetamine. This drug has ultimately become impure and mixed with different toxins and corrosive derivatives. Most of the ingredients of krokodil are found at home, like red phosphorus, iodine; paint thinner, gasoline, and hydrochloric acid.

It was invented in the US in 1932 but became very popular only in 2010 when Russia has noticed the rise in the illegal production of the drug in the country. In Switzerland, it is popularly called by its brand name, Permonid.

Alternative and street names: “Krokodil” or crocodile, because of the scale–like manifestation upon the skin of the people who use it.

How is it taken?

Krokodil is administered through injection in any part of the body.

Effects of consumption:

The drug has a rapid onset and a shorter duration of action compared to morphine. Once the drug gets into a person’s system, it produces sedation, pleasure and it lessens sensitivity to pain.

Impact on the mind/body and health risks:

Due to the contaminated chemical composition of krokodil, it produces the following effects on the skin:
• Severe tissue damage
• Phlebitis
• Amputation
• Gangrene
• Shortened life expectancy- the tissue damage is so extreme that users may only last from two to three years of drug abuse.

Signs of abuse:

Scaly and greenish injection sites. It is the evident sign of krokodil abuse.
Common treatment options: Immediate medical attention is necessary since this drug is highly fatal. Treatment is directed to the reduction of the pernicious effects of the drugs especially on the tissues.

Withdrawal symptoms:

No further medical research was conducted to prove the withdrawal symptoms of a patient using “krokodil”. But the result of fatality rate is overwhelming. Users who survive are only those who have sought medical attention immediately.