About Us

About Sober.com

Sober.com is dedicated to fighting the stigma and the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions by providing education, information, help and hope to the public. Sober.com is the best website for addicts, their families and loved ones to go to in order to effectuate the best treatment and care and the best financial and clinical fit available anywhere.

Soberhouses.com (sober.com) went online in December 2000. The project originated out of the need to have accurate, up-to-date, quick access to information for referrals into treatment programs, detoxification centers, halfway houses, sober houses and as a substantial method for assisting men and women with pre and post addiction treatment discharge. When the company first started, the printed directories available to the "addicted consumer" often were out of date and once lent out or borrowed failed to be returned. After extensive research, resources were discovered on different search engines that many facilities did and still do not have a web presence. Thus, the people who needed the help the most were unable to discover where to go to find it. Until soberhouses.com (sober.com) came into being, the addiction and recovery industry did not have a comprehensive web presence and information was terribly fragmented. Soberhouses.com (sober.com) was and still is a pioneer in the industry: which had no web portal to call its own for advertising and marketing of products and services - until soberhouses.com (sober.com) invented one. A person could find some miscellaneous information on other fragmented directories. There was no systemic organization of this information anywhere in the world. The soberhouses.com (sober.com) goal of filling this vacuum and providing the industry a user friendly, free access site for professional and consumers to shop for much needed resources came into fruition.

Our Founder

Dr.Harold Jonas - PhD, LMHC, CAP, ICADC

'Jonas’, conceptualized and initiated the original www.soberhouses.com directory in 2000, going LIVE with the project in December. He has celebrated 20 years of personal recovery and has spent all of them in the industry. His origins and passion as a trained professional counselor have led him to create and operate multiple business ventures aimed at assisting the addiction and recovery population. Most notably growing soberhouses.com into a comprehensive portal for recovery renamed www.sober.com. Other ventures in operation include the 'recovery destination' at the Delray Inn , Koffeeokee , Recovery Zone , and Intervention Strategies . Dr. Jonas is a well known and highly respected innovator of utilizing technology in recovery. Read more about Dr Harold Jonas.