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Life-changing support is available through AA meetings in Wisconsin. This comprehensive resource includes everything you need to know to find meetings in Wisconsin that can help you discover a path to healthier living. Even the most severe cases of addiction can be overcome by taking the right steps. 

Learn about the diverse types of AA meetings in Wisconsin and other state-wide resources that offer key support. Wherever you are in Wisconsin, help is available nearby.

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Expert Insights

Wisconsin is the only state where every single county reports excessive drinking among 23% or more of its adult population. Excessive drinking brings with it health risks, economic costs, and social and personal costs. So, we need to ask ourselves why alcohol flows so freely in the Badger State and what we can do to reduce the amount of unhealthy consumption. Wisconsin has one of the lowest alcohol tax rates in the country – the rate for beer has not been raised since 1969. Additionally, the density of alcohol outlets in Wisconsin is high, partly due to the local control over alcohol licensing. Unlike other states, there is no oversight from the top, so there’s no limit on the number of locations that can sell alcohol. We don’t need cheap beer flowing in every park and on every corner of the state. Let’s make some policy changes so Wisconsin is known as something other than the “drunkest state.”

Alcoholism Statistics in Wisconsin

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in Wisconsin. Recent statistics reveal the prevalence of alcohol use and health consequences that alcohol consumption is having across the state. 

Binge Drinking

  • Roughly 23% of Wisconsin adults report binge drinking.
  • Wisconsinites in every age group engage in more binge drinking than the U.S. median for that age group.
  • Wisconsinites of all ethnicities and races engage in binge drinking at higher rates than the U.S. median.
  • Wisconsinites ages 25 to 44 have the highest proportion of binge drinkers.


  • There are 327 active substance abuse clinics in Wisconsin.
  • 25,574 clients in Wisconsin receive rehab treatment annually.
  • Wisconsinites enrolled in residential rehab can expect to pay an average of $56,624.
  • 2 Wisconsin facilities offer free rehab treatment for all clients.
  • Alcohol was the most common substance for individuals seeking Wisconsin substance use services in 2020.


  • 35.6% of fatal car accidents in Wisconsin involve alcohol.
  • There were 3,331 alcohol-attributable deaths in Wisconsin in 2022.
  • Estimated deaths in Wisconsin attributed to alcohol have increased each year since 2014.
  • Drinking alcohol can increase the risk for at least seven types of cancer, and Wisconsin is above the national average of cases for three of them (mouth and throat, larynx, and esophagus cancer).
  • The estimated annual economic costs of binge drinking in Wisconsin is $3.9 billion.

Other Types of AA Meetings in Wisconsin

You can find AA meetings in Wisconsin 365 days a year. Available throughout the state, these meetings are offered in a variety of formats. From discussion, to 12 Step, to speaker meetings, these diverse formats meet you where you are and help address the most pressing needs of each day. Following are some of the most common types of AA meetings in Wisconsin. 

Open/Closed Meetings

Anyone can attend open AA meetings in Wisconsin. This format welcomes anyone who is interested in learning about AA, including those who are not personally experiencing problems related to alcohol use. In contrast, closed meetings are solely for individuals who have a desire to stop drinking.

12 Step Meetings

The 12 Steps form the basis of the AA program. Some meetings may be devoted to studying these Steps on a rotational basis. Often, a group works through two or three Steps at each meeting. This may include reading the Steps at the start of the meeting, then discussing their application.

Speaker Meetings

A speaker meeting gives AA attendees the opportunity to hear about a member’s first-hand experience with addiction and recovery. The speaker is someone who has overcome alcohol addiction and wants to pass along insight and encouragement. Sharing typically follows a format of “what I was like, what happened, and what I am like now.” These meetings are usually open.

Discussion Meetings

Discussion meetings may be open or closed. One member chooses a topic for the group to discuss. Resources for topic selection include The Big Book, the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and “As Bill Sees It,” a collection of Bill W.’s writings that provides a topical guide for discussions.

Online AA Meetings in Wisconsin

You can also find AA meetings online. This format helps overcome potential barriers such as transportation or physical limitations that members may face. Attendees can access online groups through platforms such as Zoom and call-in conferencing. The virtual format allows members to attend the meeting from anywhere via a mobile device. 

Online AA meetings in Wisconsin may follow formats such as speaker, 12 Step, or discussion, similar to in-person meetings, and they may also be open or closed. To find AA meetings in Wisconsin, look for directory listings with video icons or a notation that the meeting is online.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction

Residents of Wisconsin can reach out to the following organizations for additional resources and support related to alcohol addiction and recovery.

Wisconsin Addiction Recovery Helpline

Wisconsin residents can connect to local services and support by calling 833-944-4673. This free helpline is available 24/7. Residents can also text their ZIP code to 898211 or access the live chat feature.

Resilient Wisconsin

This organization’s mission is to help Wisconsinites live their best lives. They offer information on how to build resilience in your life and community and offer resources to help you thrive. The website offers recovery strategies, local resources, and educational information.

Shatterproof Treatment Atlas

This resource allows you to locate treatment facilities in Wisconsin and compare types of treatment offered, payments accepted, and quality of care.


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