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Gender Based Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are many forms of drug and alcohol treatment. One of the up and coming forms is gender based treatment. This is treatment the focuses on the problems and needs of a specific gender or sexual orientation. Some doctors view gender and orientation as special populations when it comes to treatment. There are many gender based alcohol addiction treatment centers across the country.

Why Gender Based Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

You might be wondering why gender based treatment is so important. As they say, men and women are different. Men do not have the same needs, behaviors, and causes of addiction that women do just as women do not have the same needs, behaviors, and causes of addiction that men do.

Although thinking this is not politically correct, it is true. Women are vulnerable to things such as addiction during pregnancy and abuse while men are more vulnerable to emotional abuse and stress. This theory is similar to the theory of individualized addiction treatment. Each of the problems that men and women face need to be dealt with. Sometimes it is better to deal with them in separate environments.

Men and women who are victims of trauma often have problems being around people who are similar to those who caused the trauma. Very often with women, men are the abusers and with men, women are the abusers. In these cases, a gender based addiction treatment program is just better for all of those involved.

Sexual Orientation Based Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Another form of addiction treatment is based off sexual orientation. Those of different sexual orientations often have different needs and requirements for treatment. Much of the treatment for alcohol addiction treatment involves finding the root of a problem and dealing with it. The root of the problem with someone of a different sexual orientation may be different from those who live in traditional gender roles.

This is the reason why sexual orientation based treatment is necessary. Each person is an individual. Most alcohol addicts have reasons for their addiction, sometimes these reasons are due to the problems encountered when someone has a less traditional sexual orientation. It is easy to slip into alcoholism when you face stressful adversity.

The Benefits of Gender or Sexual Orientation Based Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The benefits of gender or sexual orientation based alcohol addiction treatment are:

  • Addicts can bond with those that have the same issues that they do.
  • It gives them a peer support structure.
  • The stories of addiction will be similar.
  • They can avoid their abuser’s gender if they are victims of abuse or trafficking.
  • It caters to the individual needs of that gender or orientation rather than using a one size fits all approach.

Most of the gender based programs are for those that have issues that are gender or orientation based but you can choose a program like this if you feel it will be better for your recovery. In order to find a gender or sexual orientation based program all you have to do is call 800-948-8417 Question iconWho Answers? .

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