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Getting Sober for the Holidays Using Alcoholics Anonymous

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The holidays are a wonderful time for some enjoy time with family and friends. To others it is an extremely lonely time fraught with stress, depression, and anxiety. According to the Mayo Clinic, many people find themselves turning to alcohol when life gets stressful. This is even frequent during the holidays because alcohol use is more accepted during the holidays. Unfortunately, to some alcohol is extremely addictive and a single drink to manage stress quickly spirals out of control.

Heavy Alcohol Use and the Holidays

Everyone has at least one story of a friend or family member ruining a holiday party, dinner, or occasion by drinking to excess. This is usually the same friend or family member that is abusive, obnoxious, insulting, or any number of other adjectives when they are intoxicated. You might even have several stories of arrests or being asked to leave and event because of this person, or you yourself might be that person.

You might not be welcomed at family gatherings or holidays because of your drinking. Your friends or family might even have suggested rehab or some other form of treatment for your drinking. If you are an alcoholic, chances are you been asked or been forced to spend the holidays alone because of your drinking.

Why Alcoholics Anonymous Before the Holidays

AA meetings remind you that you're not alone.

AA meetings remind you that you’re not alone.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12 step community based program that helps alcoholics worldwide onto the path to recovery. If any of the above incidents above about heavy drinking and the holidays applies to you, you might benefit from alcoholics anonymous if you plan on attending any of holiday events with friends and family.

Alcoholics Anonymous breaks recovery down into smaller steps and offers a broad community support system. This recovery program begins with stopping all alcohol use immediately. It provides you with the support that you need to get through the holidays without drinking.

When you enter alcoholics anonymous, you will find others with similar stories, from all different backgrounds. This helps you understand that you are not alone in either holiday stress or your problems with alcohol. Most people in Alcoholics Anonymous understand the mistakes you’ve made with family and at family gatherings. They understand the cycle of getting drunk, staying drunk, and getting more alcohol with the singular goal of escaping the stress and pressure of life.

By getting sober for the holidays using alcoholics anonymous, you are stopping the cycle of embarrassing moments, ruined parties, and abusive behavior. You will also find a community of people who understand you, your issues, and what the alcohol does to you.

Being Alone through the Holidays with Alcoholics Anonymous

If you are alone during the holidays because of your drinking, they offer dinners, sober parties, and other activities to help you celebrate the holidays without the burden of alcohol. The meetings and other programs will give you something to do regardless of your location or condition. For more information on Alcoholics Anonymous, give us a call at 800-948-8417 Question iconCalls are forwarded to these paid advertisers .

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