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Can AA Help Polydrug Users?

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AA can be a helpful tool in the treatment and recovery of polydrug users. Call 800-948-8417 Question iconCalls are forwarded to these paid advertisers to find rehab centers that utilize the 12-step method as well as many other treatment options that can be blended together to create a beneficial treatment program for you.

The Prevalence of Simultaneous Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The simultaneous abuse of alcohol and other dangerous substances (both prescription and illicit) is so common and problematic that the National Institute on Drug Abuse lists the specific side effects of all commonly abused drugs when mixed with alcohol.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize how extremely dangerous it is to drink and use drugs at the same time and how serious one’s condition can become.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism obviously require professional addiction treatment, but those who abuse other drugs and substances in addition to alcohol require treatment in a safe, controlled environment, preferably with access to 24-hour surveillance and care from doctors, nurses, and counselors.

And yes, AA can be very helpful in this instance as well.

Adapting AA to Other Types of Substance Abuse

Polydrug Users

AA can be modified to help with any addiction.

According to the medical journal titled Recent Developments in Alcoholism, “Following the increasing popularity of AA after the publication of the first edition of the Big Book… and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions… the 12-step recovery program became increasingly recognized as a useful recovery resource for persons wishing to overcome substance dependence.”

As a result, the teachings of AA were adapted to fit other types of substance abuse as well as many different forms of behavioral addictions. This change made AA and its benefits more accessible to many people.

Often, if you are struggling with polydrug abuse in addition to your alcoholism, your doctors, counselors, and other healthcare professionals in charge of your treatment will ensure that your encounters with the 12 steps will cover all the issues you are dealing with.

Most of the adapting has already been done for you by many of the different types of 12-step programs based off AA, but it is also important to remember that you must always adapt the program so that it benefits you as a singular individual.

Polydrug Users in AA

It is important to keep your status as a polydrug addict in mind at all times while in treatment. This way, you can be treated for any and all issues you may be struggling with at the same time and have a much lower chance of relapse.

  • Polydrug abusers in AA can discuss other substances besides alcohol, especially if they are currently struggling more with the consequences of abusing that substance.
  • These individuals can also take their other substances of abuse into account when
    • Making their moral inventory
    • Asking their higher power for guidance and help
    • Making amends
  • It is important to treat all your addictions with the same level of concern and at the same time, as one that is left untreated could topple all the progress you’ve made with the other.

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