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In Hawaii, the Aloha spirit bestows peace, mercy, and love to anyone who visits the islands. For many Hawaiians, compassion and empathy tie communities to the islands, in which everyone can feel welcomed. This atmosphere accounts for the relatively low rates of alcohol consumption in Hawaii when compared to other states, but the CFC reports that more than 600 residents die from excessive alcohol consumption each year. For individuals and loved ones impacted by alcohol use disorder, AA meetings in Hawaii can help restore hope in a safe recovery, befitting the spirit of the Aloha State.

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Expert Insights

Hawaiians pay a high cost for alcohol use disorder, losing up to $937 million to court costs, worker absenteeism, and health care costs. in addition, less than 42% of Hawaiian teenagers see alcohol as a major health risk. Policymakers, the public, and activists have pushed for greater resources to enhance recovery programs. However, the battle against the bottle has continued to wreck lives, devastating communities and families in its wake.


  • Nearly 19% of Hawaiian adults admit to binge drinking at least once a month, with 15% of binge drinkers going on a bend 5x per month. Binge drinkers consume an average of 9 drinks per sitting.
  • Nearly 20% of adults in Hawaii report that they grew up in household with drinking problems.
  • Police officers made 955 DUI arrests in Hawaii in 2023, with 254 DUIs involved in accidents, an increase of 18.1% over 2022.
  • Hawaiians spend an average of $58,810 for rehab, making Hawaii one of the top ten states with the most expensive for addiction recovery programs.

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Hawaii

Many resources exist for clients with alcohol use disorder, and AA has played a major recovery role in Hawaii since 1943.8 Known for its accessible, cost-free programs, AA enables members to form bonds as they confront alcoholism together, free from stigma or judgment. If you’re attending an AA group for the first time, please note that not all meetings have the same format. Below are some of the most popular types of AA meetings in Hawaii:

  • Big Book: Meetings about the “Big Book” refer to The Big Book, by Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. This text contains select personal stories from thousands of AA alumni who have controlled their alcohol dependency. During the meeting, members may discuss assigned stories, draw inspiration from these real-life peers, and reflect on their own experiences. 
  • Open Meeting: Unlike closed meetings, which are confined to group members only, open meetings encourage anyone in the public interested in AA to attend and observe. Even non-drinkers can stop by to see how the group commits to sobriety. Open meetings usually feature a public forum in which non-members can voice their constructive feedback and offer support. Open meetings allow AA members to connect with their larger communities and make AA more accessible to the public.
  • Discussion: Discussion meetings are one of the most common formats for AA groups. During discussions, members have the opportunity to share their experiences, emotions, and thoughts, and receive feedback from their peers. Group leaders may have a selected topic in mind, or groups can have a free-flowing exchange of ideas. Discussions allow members to know each other better and to form bonds to overcome alcoholism together.
  • As Bill Sees It: These meetings center on As Bill Sees It, a collection of excerpts from founder Bill W.’s writings and observations about alcohol use disorder, recovery, and living through AA programs. Members can reflect on Bill’s messages concerning acceptance, gratitude, and spirituality and how these concepts impact their own experiences and outlooks. Members can better understand their conditions and challenges from multiple perspectives.

Online AA Meetings

While AA groups tend to meet in person, many members have opted to conduct groups in an online or hybrid format, where some or all members interact via the internet. In Hawaii, some members may live in isolated areas, or they may not feel comfortable speaking about their personal experiences in English. For these members, especially minority, seniors, and LGBTQ+ community members, an online format can allow them to connect with peers that live in other communities or on other islands in a judgment-free forum. An online format can also allow members to instantly access resources via an app or a web browser. However, as with any online group, members should exercise caution in online AA meetings to not disclose personal information that can place their safety at risk.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction in Hawaii

No matter the stage of your recovery, AA offers clients accessible peer support at little-to-no cost. Whether you’re combating alcoholism for the first time or have relapsed, AA accompanies you every step of the way. Additional resources for clients are also available here:

State of Hawaii, Department of Health

Hawaii maintains a state directory of programs, services, and education resources available for anyone interested in researching or fighting alcohol use disorder and co-occurring mental and behavioral health disorders. Specialized programs are available for seniors, children, families, and other vulnerable groups. Services include funding for local communities, a crisis hotline, statistics, and available state resources for treatment.

Hawai’i Health & Harm Reduction Center

This organization provides harm reduction tools and resources for drugs, alcohol, and opioid. Naloxone distribution and training programs can assist users from overdosing and discourage excessive binging. The center also provides links to healthcare resources, social services, and drug testing.

Hawaii Partnership to Prevent Underage Drinking

This coalition focuses on youths and parents. The organization provides resources for children, teenagers, and their families to build resilience against alcohol consumption, including links to state and national programs.


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