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Tennessee is at the epicenter of the addiction epidemic in the United States, with alcohol use disorder (AUD) a prevailing and persistent concern for youth and adults alike. The good news, however, is that Tennesseans seeking help have ample resources to choose from. AA meetings in Tennessee use the time-tested, 12 Step approach to enable Tennesseans to receive recovery education and support whenever, wherever, and however they need it.

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Expert Insights

In 2021, an estimated 13% of high school students in Tennessee reported at least one incidence of binge drinking within the previous 30 days, substantially higher than the national average of 11%. The troubling prevalence of alcohol misuse among youths in Tennessee speaks to the urgent need for addiction education and prevention programs within schools and communities across the state. Proactive measures tailored to the unique needs of Tennessee’s youth may well prevent an emerging challenge from escalating into a generational crisis.

Alcoholism Statistics in Tennessee

The data on alcohol misuse in Tennessee paint a concerning picture of the toll dependency takes on Tennesseans of all ages, genders, and income levels. The statistics suggest that the percentage of high school students in Tennessee who binge drink is substantially higher than the national average. On a more hopeful note, rates of excessive drinking among Tennesseans over the age of 65 are the lowest in the nation.

  •  Approximately 3.3% of adults over the age of 65 in Tennessee report drinking excessively within the previous 30 days, compared with the national average of 7%;
  • An estimated 16.6% of adults in Tennessee reportedly binge drank in the previous 30 days, slightly lower than the national average of 18.4%;
  • The five year average annual rate of alcohol-related deaths in Tennessee increased by more than 56% between 2015 and 2019;
  • More than 83% of alcohol-related deaths in Tennessee are among adults over the age of 35;
  • More than 4750 people die in Tennessee each year due to alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Tennessee

Though AA’s approach to addiction recovery is deeply rooted in the 12 Step model, this does not mean that every meeting is identical. Indeed, in AA, there is a meeting type to suit every individual recovery need and goal. Whether you’re looking for a meeting that will provide motivation and comfort through challenging times or you prefer a study group to equip you with practical techniques to manage stress and maintain your sobriety one day at a time, AA has a meeting for you. Below we explore some of the most popular AA meeting types in Tennessee:

  • Open/Closed Meetings: There are certain attributes that inform all AA meetings, regardless of type. For instance, all meetings are free, anonymous, and peer-directed, guided and administered by persons in recovery. Many meetings are categorized as “open,” meaning that anyone may attend, whether or not they have a dependency issue or an interest in recovery. “Closed” meetings, however, are accessible only to persons with a drinking issue and an interest in joining AA and pursuing sobriety.
  • Speaker meeting: Speaker meetings feature invited guests who share their recovery journey, providing inspiration and insight both for those facing addiction and for friends and family members of those in recovery. Speaker meetings typically include question and answer periods or open discussion forums to receive support, encouragement, and advice from the guest speaker and fellow attendees.
  • Daily reflections: Daily reflections in AA are based on short passages drawn from AA literature, including the Big Book, which are used to inspire thought, meditation, and inspiration for members’ daily lives. Daily reflections meetings are oriented around the study and discussion of the passage of the day, including the exploration of practical strategies for applying the lesson.

Online AA Meetings in Tennessee

As beneficial as face-to-face recovery meetings may be, they are not always ideal for everyone. Fortunately, online AA meetings in Tennessee offer an attractive alternative for those seeking on-demand access to support and education wherever and whenever they may need it. Like their in-person counterpart, online meetings are secure, anonymous, and free. They are also available in a variety of formats, including synchronous group meetings and asynchronous lecture series, recovery education courses. Online meetings are also available for diverse special interest groups, including gender-separate groups and meetings teens, seniors, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and speakers of languages other than English.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction in Tennessee

Tennesseans seeking help for alcohol addiction don’t have to go it alone. A wide array of resources are available at the regional, state, and community level to ensure that persons in Tennessee can once again regain the life, health, hope, and future they deserve. 

Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

This state agency connects persons of all ages to the personalized care they need. This includes linkage to local resources for pregnant and postpartum women, persons with co-occurring addiction and mental illness, youth and seniors, and persons requiring crisis detox and stabilization. 

NAMI Tennessee

The state division of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), this non-profit organization connects individuals to a full spectrum of resources, including crisis intervention and mental health and dual diagnosis support for youth, adults, and seniors. 


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