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Utah has a robust AA and support group community. Groups hold meetings in every county and at many different times, from early morning to late evening and even in the middle of the day. AA meetings in Utah, like everywhere else, are anonymous. Meetings are free of cost as group leaders are volunteers who maintain their recovery by serving their community. You do not have to be religious to attend AA meetings; you need only be able to believe in the concept of a higher power. If you are interested in seeing what an AA meeting is like, you can find AA meetings listed below.

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Expert Insights

Utah has low rates of alcohol and substance use disorder compared to other U.S. states. It boasts the lowest rate of substance use disorder in the country and the second lowest rate of alcohol use disorder. However, the harm that Utah residents suffer due to alcohol and substances is nonetheless substantial. Two out of 25 people in Utah have a substance use disorder, and three-quarters of the people who need help for substance use do not get the help they need. People who are thinking about giving up alcohol may want to consider going to an AA meeting. AA meetings in Utah are an excellent resource for people who want to stop drinking, with meetings in most Utah cities and towns. You can also find meetings online.

Alcoholism Statistics in Utah

Over eight percent of people in Utah met the criteria for alcohol use disorder at some point in 2021. That is about 2 in 25 people. The rate of substance use disorder, which includes alcohol use, is even higher at over 13%. That is over 3 in 25 people.

An average of 1,113 people died each year because of alcohol in Utah in 2020 and 2021. That is about 21 people each week.

Compared to other states, Utah has the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in females.

Like other states, Utah residents who need help with substance use disorder do not tend to get help. In 2021, nearly three-quarters of people who needed help with substance use disorder in Utah did not get help. 

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Utah

You might wonder what happens at an AA meeting. The content of the meeting will depend on what type of meeting it is. Here is a summary of some of the popular types of AA meetings in Utah:

Open/Closed Meeting

If it is an open AA meeting, anyone can attend regardless of their recovery status or if they have alcohol or addiction issues. In a closed AA meeting, only those with alcohol issues who have a desire to quit drinking may attend.

12 Step Meeting

In a 12 step meeting, the leader chooses one of the AA twelve steps to be the focus of the meeting. Volunteers from the group who feel moved to share talk about their personal experiences regarding that step. 

Tradition Study

In addition to the 12 steps, AA has 12 traditions that guide how group members interact with each other, other groups, and society. The group may devote time to studying a subset of these traditions or all of them together. 

As Bill Sees It

In this type of AA meeting, the group studies readings from the book As Bill Sees It, a collection of writings by Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Online AA Meetings in Utah

Some AA groups in Utah hold online meetings through Zoom. Attending an online meeting in your state is beneficial because the meeting is in your time zone, and the other group members are more likely to be from a similar culture. However, attending an online meeting in the same state you are in is optional. All AA meetings are anonymous, but if you are concerned about being recognized, you may prefer an out-of-state online meeting. Additional benefits of online meetings are that you don’t have to drive to get there, and there is almost always a meeting happening at any time.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction in Utah

These organizations are local resources for alcohol addiction recovery that can help you get started.


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