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For those who are working to overcome alcohol misuse, AA meetings in Washington can be a significant support. AA is free, and there are no age requirements or restrictions to attendance. You simply need to be willing to do something about your drinking problem. 

AA is based on 12 Steps that each member works through with their sponsor to achieve and maintain sobriety. The “Big Book” describes AA, its founding, and the stories of those who have changed their lives in the program. AA in Washington State is available in almost every community on multiple days of the week.

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Alcoholism Statistics in Washington

Statistics show that 15.4% of adults age 18 or older in Washington binge drink at least once per month. Binge drinking is when men consume more than 5 drinks in one session or when women consume more than 4. The 25% most active drinkers binge drink an average of 3.6 times per month.

From 2017 – 2019, SAMHSA found that 5.9% of Washington residents age 12 and older had alcohol use disorder (AUD), which is when a person can’t control their drinking because of a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. 

Underage drinking is also a concern in Washington. SAMSHA found that between 2017 and 2020, 12.3% of youth ages 12-17 admitted to drinking alcohol. This is higher than both the region and national average. 

Excessive alcohol use leads to serious consequences, including death. The 5-year average rate of excessive alcohol deaths per capita increased significantly in Washington between 2015 and 2019. Of the deaths, 64.6% are from chronic causes, and 66% of those who die due to excessive alcohol are men. 

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Washington

There are a wide variety of meeting types in AA. A meeting location may focus on a specific type of meeting, or there may be multiple types available depending on the day of the week and time. Meetings are conducted by members who determine the format.

Open or Closed Meeting. The most important thing to know is that some meetings are Open, which means they are available to the public, while others are Closed, or only available to AA members. AA members are those who have a drinking problem and a desire to stop drinking. There’s no formal membership application process or requirement — you simply need to admit you have a drinking problem and a desire to overcome it.

Speaker Meeting. During a Speaker meeting, one or more members are chosen in advance to talk about their story. They’ll share what they were like, what happened to cause them to want to change, and where they are now. Speaker meetings are always open meetings.

Discussion. At a Discussion meeting, the leader opens the meeting with a specific topic for discussion. AA members in attendance can share their thoughts. Non-members can attend but not speak. Discussion topics include the spiritual growth of members, how slogans help in sobriety, dealing with difficult people, how to overcome drinking temptation, and more. 

Big Book. During this type of meeting, the leader will read aloud from the Big Book and then members discuss how to apply those concepts in their lives to help strengthen and maintain sobriety. The Big Book includes the history of AA, the 12 steps, and inspiring stories.

Online AA Meetings in Washington

If an AA member isn’t able to attend a meeting in person, they have the option of attending online AA meetings. Online meetings don’t necessarily require video — you’re often typing rather than talking. 

Online meetings allow those who are traveling, ill, or unable to get to an in-person meeting to get the support of AA regardless of those circumstances. Transportation may be a challenge for those in recovery, and some people are triggered by the loneliness of being sick or isolated, which makes online AA meetings an extremely helpful resource.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, having resources local to you can make a big difference. Here are some resources for alcohol use in Washington. 

Washington Health Care Authority (HCA)

For those who are lower-income and are on Medicaid, known in Washington as Apple Health, the HCA can help them connect to the care they need. The HCA website has frequently asked questions, links to find care, and more.

Washington Recovery Health Line

To get help with treatment for alcohol addiction, other substance use, gambling problems, mental health, or some combination of these, Washington residents can call 1-866-789-1511 anytime, 24/7. The helpline website also includes links to detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, DUI class providers, and more. 

Washington University’s Addictions, Drugs & Alcohol Institute (ADAI)

ADAI offers a website resource for the community, This site offers education about substance use for family and friends, connects visitors with treatment options, and contains research for professionals. 


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