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Find all the information you need about AA meetings in Illinois. Connecting with an AA group can provide the resources and support you or your loved one needs to find a path to recovery. Whether you’re in Chicagoland, central Illinois, the St. Louis metro area, or southernmost Illinois, AA meetings are available near you. Use this resource as a guide to learn more about the program and find AA meetings in your area. A variety of formats, times, and locations are available to meet you where you are on your recovery journey.

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Expert Insight

For every 1,000 adults identified as having a substance abuse disorder in Illinois, there are only 30 substance abuse disorder providers. And the workforce continues to diminish. State officials have reported that counselors are in short supply. Plus, the SUD workforce is aging, and the number of people entering these professions in Illinois has been decreasing. This includes a significant drop in the number of new Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselors (CADCs). Fortunately, state officials are taking steps to correct this trend. In 2023-2024, the state is spending $3 million to recruit and retain more CADCs. Funding will help expand recruitment, cover training and certification costs, and assist with job placement. This is exactly the type of support Illinoisans need to ensure critical treatment is available.

Alcoholism Statistics in Illinois

For those who need treatment for alcoholism, there are 833 active substance abuse clinics in Illinois.9 In 2020, more than 1,100 Illinois adults aged 18 and older received treatment for alcohol disorder in the past year. Another 1,116 reported needing treatment but not receiving it. A look at recent statistics reveals the crucial need for treatment across the Prairie State. 

Drinking Habits

  • 16.1% of Illinois adults reported binge drinking in the past 30 days in 2021.
  • 18% of Illinois adults reported binge drinking or heavy drinking in 2022.


  • The annual cost of excessive alcohol consumption in Illinois is roughly $9.7B.
  • Each $1 invested in treatment in Illinois equals $4-$7 in savings on crime and criminal justice costs.


  • An average of 5,151 annual deaths in Illinois are attributable to excessive alcohol use.
  • 1,508 people in Illinois died of causes 100% alcohol-attributable in 2021-2022.
  • There were 309 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in Illinois in 2019.

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Illinois

Not only are AA meetings in Illinois available 365 days a year at all hours of the day and night, they are also available in multiple formats. This allows individuals to find AA meetings that best suit their current needs. Some of the most popular types of AA meetings in Illinois include the following formats. All are free to attend.

Open/Closed Meeting

Open AA meetings in Illinois welcome anyone to attend. This includes individuals who are interested in learning more about AA, loved ones of someone struggling with alcohol use, and those who are seeking recovery support for themselves. Closed meetings are available for AA members only (individuals who desire to stop drinking).

Tradition Study

AA programs are based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Some meetings are devoted to reading and discussing these Traditions. Members may read excerpts from the Big Book aloud, then discuss these materials. Some groups devote one meeting per week to studying the Traditions one or two at a time, on a rotational basis.

Speaker Meeting

Speaker AA meetings in Illinois allow one member to share their story with the group. The speaker shares “what I was like, what happened, and what I am like now.” The goal is to encourage others and offer insight from the speaker’s first-hand experience with addiction.

Discussion Meeting

During discussion meetings, one member chooses a topic for the group to discuss. These topics typically stem from AA literature, such as The Big Book, As Bill Sees It, or Daily Reflections. This type of meeting may be open or closed.

Online AA Meetings in Illinois

If attending AA meetings in person is a challenge, you can attend online AA meetings in Illinois. This eliminates barriers such as transportation and physical limitations and provides additional flexibility. Online meetings are hosted via platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or dial-in conference calling. Depending on the meeting, video features may not be used, providing additional anonymity. 

Resources for Alcohol Addiction

Residents of Illinois can receive additional support for alcohol addiction from the following state-wide organizations.

24-hour Helpline

The Illinois Department of Health offers a 24-hour helpline that connects callers to treatment for alcohol use disorder. If you need help for yourself or someone you know, you can call 1-833-2FINDHELP. The department’s website also offers information about addiction, treatment, and other resources. 

Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA)

This is Illinois’ lead agency on alcohol and other drug abuse. The organization manages community-based alcohol recovery support services throughout the state. Services include diagnosis, treatment, prevention, evaluation, and additional supports for individuals and families. 


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