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Alcohol use in Kentucky is significantly higher than the national average according to the University of Louisville, who report that 8.7 percent of adults over 18 report struggling with alcohol dependence. A staggering 48 percent of drinkers in Kentucky engage in binge drinking. 

These numbers highlight a need for alcohol support programs, like AA groups in Kentucky. AA can support you, or your loved one, to overcome alcohol abuse or alcoholism with their straightforward program of recovery. 

Whether you’re looking for discreet online/zoom AA meetings or support groups to fit around childcare in the evenings, you can find an AA meeting near you that suits your individual needs. We’ve also included information about alcohol abuse in Kentucky, our expert insights, and a description of AA terminology so you can attend your first meeting full informed about what to expect.

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Expert Insights 

Alcohol use disorder impacts more individuals in Kentucky than the national average which costs the local economy a staggering $3.195 billion in healthcare and economic costs. Despite effective treatments, like medication-assisted treatment, 8.1 percent of adults in Kentucky were not able to access treatment, identifying clear treatment gaps. What is confusing about these figures is that the state created the Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy in 2000, with the strategic objectives to reduce alcohol use, coordinate efforts to improve misuse prevention, and identify issues to direct their dollars too. Yet, alcohol use disorder is on the rise, and alcohol-related deaths have sharply increased. Could it be time for this agency to rework its initiates so that the people of Kentucky get the help they need?

Alcohol Use Statistics in Kentucky 

Kentucky has been deeply affected by alcohol use disorder, dramatically impacting the rate of addiction, alcohol-related deaths, and impact to the economy. According to researchers, 8.7 percent of adults struggling with alcohol use disorder, compared to the national average of 6 percent. Alcohol use disorder is associated with increased risk of cancer, disease, cirrhosis of the liver, mental health conditions, hepatitis, and a higher rate of deaths. 

The rate of alcohol-related deaths has sharply increased in Kentucky in recent years. Between 2019 and 2020:

Deaths are not the only significant data. The rates of alcohol use disorder in Kentucky are also increasing. A study by the University of Louisville found that among Medicaid patients, the rate of alcohol use disorder rose from 2.58 percent in 2012 to 4.21 percent in 2019. And up to 28 percent of those clients had alcohol-related organ diseases. 

The economic costs of alcohol use disorder are significant. One study estimated the costs of excessive alcohol consumption — which included healthcare costs, economic costs (due to impaired ability to work, death, and criminal justice involvement) — to $3.195 billion

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Kentucky

It’s easy to find an AA meeting in Kentucky. You can use the popular AA meeting finder There is even a dedicated Kentucky page. You don’t need to worry about what the meeting types mean, just find one that is convenient to you, and we’ll explain the details below. You can search for meetings by filtering the page to a specific area listed on the page. Or, if you want to use Google, you can simply type “AA meetings today in Kentucky.” You’ll get details for all available AA meetings near you.

Below, we’ve included what the different format, focus, or themes mean:

Open and Closed Meetings

When you see this reference, it is referring to the two different types of AA meetings: open meeting and closed meeting. An open meeting can be attended by people with or without a problem with alcohol. For example, you can attend an AA meeting with your friend who wants to support you and understand more about AA. This is permissible in an open meeting. A closed meeting, on the other hand, is for those who have a desire to stop drinking. People who do not have a problem with alcohol, like your friends or partner, should not attend a closed meeting.

Big Book Study Meeting

“Big Book” meetings focus on AA’s key literature, called the Big Book. During these meetings members read a section of the book — they may pass it around and all read a part – then people share their experiences or relate to the passage. You do not have to share, so don’t feel pressured. You can simply say “pass.” 

12 Step Study Meeting

An AA step study meeting is a meeting specifically designed for members to understand and “study” the twelve steps. If you don’t know already, the 12 steps are AA’s program of recovery. The format will usually involve reading the step out of the book The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. One person may read the whole passage or members will take turns. After the section of the book is read, members will share how they relate to that step. Perhaps they’ll share how they experienced the step, how their point of view changed the second time, or how their life has changed since working through that particular step. The purpose of sharing is to inspire newcomers and other members who are yet to work that step with their sponsor.

Online AA Meetings in Kentucky 

The great thing about the pandemic is that it increased access to AA by taking meetings online. Since then many people find it easier, perhaps due to childcare or work constraints, to attend meetings virtually, from the comfort of their home. In Kentucky you’ll find online meetings most days of the week, some of these include: 

  • Newcomers meeting on Sunday at 9am
  • Women’s meeting (Ladies in Unity) on Sunday at 7.30pm
  • Late night meeting (Kentucky Night Owls), held most evenings at 10.30pm
  • Men’s meeting (Goldsmith’s Lane Men’s Group) on Wednesday evening at 8pm

Resources for Alcohol Addiction 

  • KY Help Call Center: Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy provides a treatment helpline for both public and private treatment resources. Call 1-833-859-4357. Available Monday through Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Operation Unite: a toll-free treatment referral line for individuals seeking treatment and family members who need support. They provide resources for short-term and long-term treatment, Drug Court referrals, and aftercare support, including low-income individuals. Call 1-866-908-6483
  • KSP Angel Initiative: a Kentucky State Police program initiated in 2016 with the goal of saving lives. Anyone contacting KSP will be given help to find treatment without judgment or question.
  • GetHelpLex: an online resource that provides access to treatment resources and related services in Lexington, Kentucky. 
  • KORE: Kentucky Opioid Response Effort is a program to expand access to opioid use disorder treatment, education, and resources. You can find a location close to you by visiting their locations map


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