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You’re not alone if you’re struggling with alcohol use in Maine. In fact, adults in Maine binge drink more than the national average. AA meetings in Maine could be the support you, or your loved one, needs to overcome alcoholism (now called alcohol use disorder). Our guide to AA meetings in Maine provides detailed information about excessive alcohol use and treatment in the state, information about what to expect in an AA meeting, guidance on how to search for an AA meeting near you, and state-specific alcohol resources. 

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Expert Insights 

Binge drinking is a major public health problem in Maine with over a third of adults engaging in binge drinking, at least four times a month. The impact is devastating with hundreds of deaths each year from alcohol-related causes. In fact, between 2020 and 2019, alcohol-related deaths rose 29 percent according to data from the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. 

Many public health officials name the pandemic as a major factor influencing increased binge drinking. More than half of parents were stuck at home and struggling to cope which researchers found increased substance use by over 20 percent. According to market data, sales of hard liquor in Maine increased by 10 percent and spirit consumption rose from $1.3 million in 2019 to $1.4 million in 2020.

Alcoholism Statistics in Maine 

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that, on average, adults in Maine engage in binge drinking at higher rates than the national average:

  • 32 percent of adults aged 18 to 25 reported binge drinking in the last 30 days
  • More than 900 people in Maine die from excessive drinking each year
  • 19 percent of adults in Maine binge drink – higher than the national average of 17 percent
  • Among adults who binge drink, 25 percent consume at least 7 drinks per binge drinking episode
  • Binge drinkers in Maine do so at least four times per month

Substance use among youth

According to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol is the drug of choice among Maine youth with 6 percent of Middle school students and 23 percent of high school students engaged in binge drinking. 

What to Know About AA in Maine Before Your First Meeting

AA is a support group that helps adults and youth overcome excessive alcohol use. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, AA may be the place for you. AA has a 12-step program of recovery that includes attending regular recovery meetings, working through the steps with a sponsor, and being of service. You’ll find AA in Maine to be a supportive recovery community, with opportunities to socialize with others seeking sobriety. There are no fees to attend AA. It is a free, member-run organization that is supported through donations and volunteer contributions. 

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Maine 

Big Book Study

Meetings that are referred to as “Big Book” discussions, focus on AA’s key literature, known as the Big Book. 

Speaker Meeting

An AA speaker meeting simply means that an AA member has been nominated/asked to share their story of recovery, also called their “experience, strength, and hope.” They’ll share what their life was like before AA, what happened, and what their life is like today. The purpose of speaker meetings is to give others hope, and inspire them in whatever challenges they want to overcome in their sobriety. It’s also helpful to know that you are not alone in your recovery journey, when it can feel isolating to be the only one in a group of friends, or in your family, who don’t drink. 

Discussion Meetings

An AA discussion meeting can center around any kind of AA literature, like The Big Book or the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. The way this kind of meeting works is by reading a passage from the chosen book. One person may read the whole chapter, or several members may take turns reading. Afterwards participants may share how they relate to the passage, how it has influenced their recovery, or how it gives them hope. 

Daily Reflections Meeting

This kind of meeting focuses on AA’s book Daily Reflections which is a collection of 365 short essays. The idea is members read the book each day as a meditation or reflection. The book contains topics on AA’s core principles, including being of service, gratitude, humility, and sobriety. During a Daily Reflection meeting, members read a passage from the book and share their experiences. Members find these readings inspirational and it helps them to remember why they attend AA, giving them a sense of perspective.

Online AA Meetings in Maine 

Virtual AA meetings are a convenient way to attend meetings and save time, which is helpful if you’re a busy parent and/or work full-time. You simply need a smartphone, computer, or tablet to attend. However, you may have to register to receive the login information which contains the zoom ID and passcode. 

Maine has many online AA meetings for all kinds of people, identities, and support needs. For example:

  • Early morning meetings: such as 6.45am Do It Sober Group, Serenity at Sunrise Group at 7.15 am, What’s Good About Today Group at 7.30am, Bill and Bob Group at 8am.
  • Women’s meeting at 10am called the Women’s Big Book Step Study Group or Sisters Stepping into Sobriety Online at 5.30pm.
  • Evening meetings, like the Good Start Group at 6pm, Midcoast More Will Be Revealed Group at 7pm, and Practicing the Principles Group at 7pm.
  • LGBTQ groups: The Queer and Trans Agenda on Sunday at 6.30pm.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction in Maine

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Drink Less, Be Your Best” Campaign information about alcohol use, risks, and normal drinking limits
  • 211 Maine: a statewide mental health and addiction resource connecting residents to health information and resources. Call, text, or visit 211 for more information.
  • Main Prevention Store: digital and print downloads to assist alcohol and tobacco use, and suicide in Maine. 
  • StrengthenME: Community wellness resources providing low-barrier resources to improve health. For statewide assistance call: 207-221-8198 Every day 8am to 8pm
  • Maine Prevention Network: a statewide program among community partners to implement evidence-based prevention programing and youth engagement and empowerment. 
  • Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services, Maine: prevention, treatment, and recovery resources. 


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