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It is easy to find AA meetings in Minnesota. There are two designated AA Areas (Area 35 and Area 36) in the state. Area 35 (Northern Minnesota) has 21 districts, and Area 36 (Southern Minnesota) has 36 districts. Each district has numerous AA meeting locations, so there is likely to be one near you. The AA Fellowship’s goal is to provide a place where alcoholics share their experiences and support one another in recovery.

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Expert Insights

In September 2022, the Minnesota Reformer news organization reported that, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drinking was the 9th-leading cause of death in Minnesota during the previous year. Drinking deaths more than doubled those caused by traffic fatalities. Minnesota has a higher number of regular drinkers than most other states–62.5 % percent of men, and 56.6% of women residents. Minnesota also has the highest number of binge drinkers in the nation (17.9%). The Minnesota Health Department recommends that alcohol screenings be increased in clinics, emergency rooms, and workplaces–a much-needed start to a very serious problem.

Alcoholism Statistics in Minnesota

Binge drinking and other substance use

Binge drinkers are four times more likely than non-binge drinkers to use other substances, and multi-substance use increases as binge drinking increases. States, like Minnesota, that have high binge-drinking rates, also have a higher number of alcohol-related opioid overdoses.

Cost of excessive alcohol use

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the financial cost to the public of excessive alcohol use in Minnesota in 2019 was almost $8 billion. Revenue losses were experienced by health insurers, local government agencies, and employers. About 3% of inpatient hospital treatments were attributable to excessive alcohol consumption. The resulting hospitalization costs accounted for about 35% of the total alcohol-related healthcare costs. Lost work productivity accounted for about $5.5 billion in costs. At 73%, binge drinking was the single most prevalent factor contributing to the total cost of alcohol-related financial losses.

Recovery Efforts in Minnesota

About 5% of adult Minnesotans are candidates for alcohol abuse treatment. However, in line with the rest of the country, only about 10% of those in need of treatment attend a treatment program.In Minnesota, the well-known Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has five different facilities located in the Twin Cities area, making Minnesota a popular state for those seeking addiction treatment.

Popular Types of AA Meetings in Minnesota

There are many different types of AA meetings that you can attend in Minnesota. Some of the most popular meetings are Open/Speaker Meetings, Closed (Members-only) Meetings, Big Book Study Meetings, and 12-Step-Application Meetings.

Open/Speaker Meetings

Open AA meetings are “open” to anyone who wishes to attend. Friends and family of AA members, as well as other supporters, can attend Open Meetings. When speakers are presenting at AA meetings, it is more likely that the meeting will be open to the public. 

Closed (Members-only) Meetings

Closed AA meetings are for AA members only; they are not open to the public. Many AA members prefer to attend closed meetings because it is easier to develop close ties with their fellow AA peers. Often AA members will make a certain meeting their “home group.” They will attend the same meeting regularly so that they can acquire and strengthen friendships. It is also easier to find a sponsor, or mentor, if you are attending the same meeting regularly. Another advantage to closed meetings is that they offer greater opportunities for anonymity. 

Big Book Study

During Big Book Study Meetings, the focus is on studying the information in the AA “Big Book,” Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More Than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism. A typical meeting format will include AA members reading aloud from the Big Book, discussing passages, and relating personal experiences or insights.

12-Step Meetings

During 12-Step Meetings, AA members are learning about and practicing how to “work the steps.” Typically, during this type of meeting, the group reads and discusses each AA step, in order, as they progress through the book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. They share personal insights and experiences. Newcomers to AA often get assistance from their sponsor to help them work the steps.

Online AA Meetings in Minnesota

Online AA meetings grew in popularity during the pandemic, because in-person meetings were not available. But online meetings are still thriving, long after the pandemic. Some people attend both in-person and online meetings because they can find a meeting at any time of the day or night. Other people choose to socialize at a distance, through an online presence, because it feels more comfortable to them. Often, online meetings utilize a platform such as Zoom, Go to Meeting, or Google Hangouts. But there is also the option of attending an online meeting in a chat room, or via a discussion board conversation.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota offers several resources for alcohol abuse information and treatment.

Minnesota Department of Human Services

The Minnesota Department of Human Services website offers information on how to find treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) providers, or peer support groups ( It also has a link to help you determine if you may qualify for free treatment services using the Behavioral Health Fund available from the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Department of Health website provides links to consumer information about alcohol use disorder, health issues related to alcohol abuse, and driving under the influence, as well as links to research about alcohol use in Minnesota. ( 


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