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Find AA Meetings in California

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Life-changing support is available through AA meetings in California. When you find AA meetings, you can find fellowship, resources, and a path to recovery.

Wherever you are in the Golden State, AA support is nearby. You’ll find 3,000 AA meetings in the Los Angeles area alone. With in-person and online options, AA meetings are readily accessible throughout the state.

AA has already helped more than two million people stop drinking.1 Whether you’re looking for support for a loved one or for yourself, AA meetings in California could provide the help you need to take that next crucial step.

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Expert Insight

Something needs to change. Nearly three million Californians experienced a substance use disorder in the past year. And the state sees the nation’s highest number of alcohol-related deaths throughout the country. Yet, if Californians seek residential rehab, they can expect to pay over $56,000, and the median income for California residents is just $39,812. For those without the means, there are free treatment programs, but only 71 programs throughout the expansive state offer free treatment for all clients. Surely there is something policymakers can do to make treatment more accessible to Californians who are in desperate need of support.

Alcoholism Statistics in California

The financial cost of excessive alcohol consumption in California totals more than $35,000,000,000 annually.6 Statewide, the cost in potential life lost per year due to excessive alcohol use is an average of 492,097 years.7 The emotional and mental costs generated from these statistics are immeasurable.

For the period 2020-2021, an average of 19,335 Californians died per year due to excessive alcohol use.7 Looking at other state statistics reveals the pattern of binge drinking and alcohol misuse that can lead to these tragic deaths.

  • One in five California adults report binge drinking in the past 30 days.8
  • California adults who binge drink do so an average of 3.7 times per month.8
  • 16.6% of California adults binge drink at least once per month.4
  • 6.3% of Californians aged 12 and older experienced an alcohol use disorder in the past year.5

Popular Types of AA Meetings in California

No two AA meetings in California look exactly alike. This is largely due to the diversity of its members; however, it is also due to the variety of formats available. In California, you’ll find AA meetings that vary from open to closed, and from topical to speaker. Some of the most common types of AA meetings in California include:

Open/Closed Meetings

Open meetings welcome anyone in the community to attend. This may include individuals who want to learn about the AA program, those who are struggling with alcohol abuse, and the loved ones of individuals who have an alcohol use disorder.

Closed meetings are limited to AA members. Only those who are seeking to stop drinking are invited to attend.

Big Book Meeting

These meetings focus on the reading and discussion of material from the “Big Book”. This book includes the history of AA, information on methods of support, and the 12 Steps and traditions.

Speaker Meetings

A speaker meeting gives attendees the opportunity to hear someone else’s story. The speaker is someone who has overcome alcohol addiction and wants to pass along insight and encouragement based on their first-hand experience. Typically, these meetings are open.

Discussion Meetings

These meetings may be open or closed. They involve discussion of a specific topic, which may or may not revolve around alcohol abuse. Topics cover a broad range, to encourage members to consider various issues and think about their situations from a new perspective.

Online AA Meetings in California

For those who may find it challenging to attend in-person meetings, online AA meetings in California offer an accessible option. These meetings are held on various platforms such as dial-in conference calling or Zoom. They remove barriers related to transportation issues and physical limitations that might otherwise prevent individuals from attending a meeting. They also provide location and scheduling flexibility because they can be accessed from anywhere.

Resources for Alcohol Addiction

Residents of California can reach out to the following organizations for additional support for alcohol use disorder.

Department of Health Care Services

The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) offers a non-emergency substance use disorder treatment referral line. Anyone who is seeking treatment services in California can call 800-879-2772. Services are available in English and Spanish. Callers will be connected to local resources and services.

California Association of Alcohol and Drug Program Executives (CAADPE)

This organization advocates for quality substance use disorder treatment programs and works to make these services accessible to anyone who needs help. CAADPE member agencies offer treatment services at over 300 locations in California. The CAADPE website offers information about alcohol addiction treatment and a directory of service providers.

211 California

211 is a nationwide helpline that connects callers to live expert support. Calls are confidential and free. Residents of California can call 211 or text their zip code to 898211. The 211CA website also offers additional local resources.


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